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    • Cannon, S.* (2017) Climate Change and Coral Reef Resilience: Interactions between Local and Global Threats to Reefs. Women in Ecology, Season 2, Episode 9. Saint Mary’s College, Indiana.
    • Cannon, S.* and S. Donner. (2017) Investigating Coral Reef Resilience in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. University of British Columbia Department of Geography 2017 Graduate Student Symposium. Vancouver, BC.
    • Cannon, S.* and S. Donner. (2017) Investigating Human Impacts to Coral Reefs in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference, Bamfield, British Columbia.
    • Cannon, S.* and S. Donner. (2016) Climate Variability and the Resilience of Low Diversity Coral Communities to Bleaching in the Gilbert Islands, Kiribati. 13th International Coral Reef Symposium, Honolulu, Hawaii.
    • Cannon, S.*, C. Pomeroy, M. Galligan, P. Reilly, and C. Culver. (2016) Intersections between fishing practices and management: Dynamics of the commercial fishery for California Halibut. Society for Applied Anthropology annual meeting, Vancouver, BC.
    • Cannon, S. (2016) Marine Management Methods in the Ulithi Atoll, Micronesia. TerreWEB Seminar Series, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.
    • Pomeroy, C.*, C. Culver, M. Galligan, P. Reilly and S. Cannon. (2015) Filling a Gap: Collaboration to Build Understanding of California Fisheries’ Human Systems. International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM) annual meeting, Charleston, SC.
    • Galligan, M.*, C. Pomeroy, P. Reilly, C. Culver and S. Cannon. (2015) Data Matters in a Commercial Marine Fishery. North American Association of Fisheries Economists Forum: Economic Sustainability, Fishing Communities and Working Waterfronts. Ketchikan, AK.

* = presenter.


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